Friday, November 30, 2007

And... Noel has a SEQUEL!

Noel had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving week (the author on the other hand wanted to hide from cooking, traveling, and very loud relatives).

Jill Williamson, the newest editor in the growing Climbing Roses line at The Wild Rose Press, contracted the SEQUEL to The Noel Bandit titled "Saddle Up, Sweetheart". I know, you haven't read Noel yet so I can't give away any details on the next book BUT when you read the last few pages, I'm sure you'll know what's coming in the future.

I CAN say that Lucky Lake will never be the same! I remember my first love (believe me, I'm only in my 20s so it wasn't so long ago) and all the magical memories. The first kiss was questionable on a scale of one to ten *L* but I'll never forget those little details - where, when, and I hate to say, it was HOT for a Florida afternoon. I'm sure it was the sun and not the guy ;)

More details available soon...

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Chumplet said...

Ha! My first kiss was after a long day at the zoo. The weather was hot and humid, and we spent a long time under the sun.

Therefore, the swooning was due to sunstroke. Sorry, Bob...